Military Science (ROTC)

Army Reserve Officers Training

The Department of Military Science provides a program of leadership development, which prepares college men and women for service as Officers in the United States Army.  After graduation, they serve as commissioned officers on active duty, or as an officer in an Army Reserve or National Guard unit.

To accomplish this, the department:

  • Prepares Cadets to commission as Second Lieutenants through a curriculum, which develops leadership and management skills, and provides opportunities to utilize these skills in a variety of practical applications.
  • Provides an understanding of how to lead and influence small organizations, with a strong emphasis on personal integrity, ethical decision making, goal setting, and mission accomplishment.
  • Offers adventure training, such as rappelling, land-navigation, marksmanship, and for selected students, airborne and air-assault training and the opportunity to serve with Active Duty Army units, worldwide, during the summer.
  • Provides programs and experiences, which increase self-confidence, self-discipline, physical stamina, poise, and other attributes essential to the development of a leader of character — one who is prepared to serve the nation or the commonwealth both in or out of uniform.