Officer Pay and Benefits Post Commissioning

Many students are interested to know where they will stand in the job market, following commissioning and military service as an officer. Junior officers fill the roles of entry level supervisors or managers, progressing through mid-level and senior management as field-grade officers.

Military service comes with many benefits that keep you on par with your civilian counterparts, such as:

Base pay commensurate with years of service. Officer pay jumps yearly for the first four years of service, then every two years of additional service. Reserve Component and National Guard service also count towards years of service for pay, so our Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) cadets enjoy the pay jump upon commissioning.

Basic allowance for housing (BAH) based on rank and duty location.

Basic allowance for subsistence (BAS) based on rank.

Full-coverage medical and dental care for the service member, and family-rate plans for dependents.

On the annual Personal Statement of Military Compensation (PSMC), a junior officer will be compensated, based on location, between 45k and 65k per year.