Cyber Club

2022 Garden State Association of Old Crows scholarship WINNERS!

1. Juan Lopez Castellanos

2. Jimmy Padilla

3. Krishma Kapoor

4. Xavier Lee


Mission: Develop skills in software development, engineering, and cybersecurity for interested cadets


SOCOM Ignite
Certification Training
Personal projects

Requirements: All cadets of all skill levels are welcome to apply! Contact CDT Garay for more information.

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SOCOM Ignite: Autonomous Drone

Mission: Reduce the cognitive load of a warfighter while utilizing a personnel drone through various user-interface developments

Requirements: Support from grants and MIT Lincoln Labs IOT acquire mission essential hardware

Cybersecurity Veterans Assistance Program

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Department of Labor funded program designed to aid active, guard, and reserve members or veterans of the armed forces achieve their cybersecurity certifications (CompTIA Security+)

Hackathon/CTF Events


Try OverTheWire for CTF
Register for events on CTFTime


Learn about different attack vectors (target dependent)
Familiarization with Linux commands
Use services like LinkedIn Learning and Udemy